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Fundraising t-shirts are a fun and exciting way of raising money at Dig Pink events across the country, but sometimes selling can be a challenge.

Shop Dig Pink's consignment program allows your school, club, or event to sell shirts without having to pay up front. Use this to raise money for your school and the cause at the same time!


Simply request your package size, sell your shirts, and then ship back what you don't sell. The best part is you won't pay until after your event!




Choose a package appropriate for the size of event you will be having. Number of sizes in packages are a suggestion based on what we have sold over time. Side-Out will provide you will a variation of our coolest tees that people will love at your event!


Package Sizes

120 Shirts 

180 Shirts 

260 Shirts 


You may request more or less of certain sizes but must meet the number of shirts in that package. Should you sell out of your package, we will be happy to send you more if you need! When your order is placed, you will provide an open purchase order from your school or business for Side-Out to hold. An invoice WILL NOT be sent until all shirts have been sold or the shirts that were not sold have been returned. At this point, we will invoice your school or business for the shirts that were sold or damaged.



Immediately upon arrival, please check to see what items you have. Please report any damaged items as soon as possible. The purpose of this t-shirt consignment model is to help our customers fundraise for The Side-Out Foundation in a fun way, while avoiding the hassle of collecting t-shirt sizes and the risk of over-ordering.

We highly encourage up-selling your t-shirts to help raise even more funds for your Dig Pink® event. You can also use these sales as a fundraiser for your program!

Consider what your community would be willing to pay for this awesome fundraiser so you can set the right price.




Price of shirt will be based on the percentage of shirts you sell. Shirts that are not sold and returned should be in great condition and resell-able. Condition of returned items is left to the discretion of The Side-Out Foundation. Should any shirts be determined as damaged, stained, or dirty, the customer will be charged for that shirt.


100% SOLD = $9.00

75% SOLD = $10.00

50% SOLD - $13.00

25% SOLD = $16.00

<25% SOLD = $17.00




A flat fee of $25 will be charged for shipping. Should you need to return items, you should request a call tag from The Side-Out Foundation. A call tag will be emailed to you.



Once all shirts have been sold, please contact us and we will provide you with an invoice. If you returned items, an invoice will be provided once items are returned and checked. 




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