Dig Pink® Merchandise Consignment Program

Fundraising shirts are a fun and exciting way of raising money for your program, team & Dig Pink® campaign! The Dig Pink consignment program makes the process easy!

Shop Dig Pink's consignment program allows your school, club, or event to sell shirts without having to pay up front! Use this to raise money for your school and the cause at the same time.

For more information about consignment, contact:

Josh Bryant 571-409-1879 josh.bryant@side-out.org
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No Risk or Frustration

No more need to gather everyone's size or put up money not knowing if you will sell all the shirts. Our risk-free program give you peace of mind!

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How It Works

Contact Us

Call or Email to place order.

Josh Bryant at 571-409-1879 or josh.bryant@side-out.org


Choose a package appropriate for the size of event you will be having.

Package Size

90 Shirts / 120 Shirts / 160 Shirts

  • The Side-Out Foundation will provide you with a variety of our coolest shirts that people at your event will love!
  • You may request more or less of certain sizes but must meet the number of shirts in that package.
  • When your order is placed, you will provide an open purchase order from your school or business for The Side-Out Foundation to hold.


  • Immediately upon arrival, please check your items.
  • Make sure your order is correct. Please report any damaged items as soon as possible.
  • We highly encourage up-selling your shirts to help raise even more funds for your Dig Pink® campaign. You can also use these sales as a fundraiser for your program!
  • Consider what your community would be willing to pay for this awesome fundraiser so you can set the right price.
  • For tips on how to price your shirts and other information about t-shirt costs look in our FAQ section.

Shipping & Returns

  • A flat fee of $25 will be charged for shipping.
  • Shirts that are not sold and returned should be in great condition and resell-able.
  • Condition of returned items is left to the discretion of The Side-Out Foundation. Should any shirts be determined as damaged, stained, or dirty, the customer will be charged for that shirt.
  • Should you need to return items, you should request a call tag from The Side-Out Foundation. A call tag will be emailed to you.


  • Once all shirts have been sold, please contact us and we will provide you with an invoice.
  • An invoice WILL NOT be sent until all shirts have been sold or the shirts that were not sold have been returned.
  • At this point, we will invoice your school or business for the shirts that were sold or damaged.
  • If you returned items, an invoice will be provided once items are returned and checked.
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How will my organization benefit?

Your organization can keep profits you make from t-shirt sales if you choose not to donate profits to Side-Out.

How do I order?

You can order by calling or emailing Josh Bryant at 571-409-1879 or josh.bryant@side-out.org

Can I request a t-shirt design?

Yes. We will take your request into consideration but we will make the final decision.

How much does each shirt cost?

The price of shirts will be based on the percentage of shirts you sell. If 100% of the shirts in the package are sold, each shirt costs your organization $9.00. The table below shows all the prices. pricing.png

We highly encourage up-selling your shirts to help raise even more funds for your Dig Pink® campaign.

How should shirts be priced?

We highly encourage up-selling your shirts to help raise even more funds for your Dig Pink® campaign. Most teams sell shirts for $20-25 in order to have a significant profit. Those profits can then be donated to The Side-Out Foundation or used for your Dig Pink® campaign!

Do I pay for shipping?

Yes. You pay a one time fee of $25.00 for shipping, which will cover any returns if necessary.

Can I make returns and how?

Yes. You can request a call tag, by email or phone, from The Side-Out Foundation. A call tag will be emailed to you.

Can I accept checks?

Yes. You can accept checks to your organization.

When will I get the invoice?

The invoice will be emailed once you tell us that you have sold all your shirts, or when we receive the shirts that have not been sold are returned.

How do I pay?

A single check from your organization to The Side-Out Foundation for the amount listed on the invoice.

Can I order more t-shirts if we sell out?

Yes! Should you sell out of your package, we will be happy to send you more.