Dig Pink® Wrist Sweatbands (Pair)

Each purchase supports research that is extending the lives of those living with stage IV breast cancer.

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Dig Pink® Wrist Sweatbands (Pair)

A Pair of Bright Pink Volleyball Wrist Sweatbands

  • These hot pink sweatbands are perfect for keeping that volleyball from stinging your skin.

  • Sporty and cute, these pink sweatbands will stop sweat from running down your hands.

  • Wear these pink wrist sweatbands to your Dig Pink® volleyball match for extra style.

  • Support the Side-Out Foundation, our breast cancer research, and our patient services.

Are you wondering what you’ll wear to your Dig Pink volleyball match? These hot pink sweatbands offer the perfect balance between style and function. Protect your arms, keep sweat off of your hands, and show your support for breast cancer awareness and research with these seven-inch pink wrist sweatbands. We also offer a variety of pink breast cancer merchandise. Find the perfect Dig Pink shirt to match your pink sweatbands when you shop the rest of our selection.

  • These pink sweatbands are sold in a pair

  • They measure seven inches long

  • Profits benefit the Side-Out Foundation
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