Tie it Yourself Hair Ties

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Tie it Yourself Hair Ties

Advantages of TIY Hair Ties

  1. TIY hair ties are unique because they are extremely elastic and stretchy but won’t stretch out as you wear them.
  2. They are extremely durable and on average last a lot longer then normal hair ties
  3. TIYs leave little to no crease in your hair
  4. Women with thin hair holds better than the normal tie
  5. When you’re working out, you can make your tie longer and pull hair through more times for a better hold
  6. Little to no headaches from being too tight
  7. Great to leave on the wrist because it doesn’t hurt or leave mark
  8. Amazing how few times you have to readjust hair with TIY
  9. Many uses… you can make as a single hair tie or better yet weave two and create a pattern.
  10. You can add beads or charms for necklaces and bracelets. Great for little girls with big imaginations.
  11. Makes 3 to 5 hair ties per 34 inch piece
  12. Can make multiple size loops for unique hair styles
  13. Great for formal hair settings because you can make TIY any size for type of hair design.

How to Use Tie it Yourself Hair Ties

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